Pragmatic Dharma in the New York Times

The times they are a changin’. Well, at least the New York Times.

The national paper of record recently posted an op-ed piece by Jeff Warren describing an intense pragmatic dharma retreat that he took with Daniel Ingram. During the retreat he was shooting for stream entry and describes in detail how the stages of insight unfolded for him, and Dr. Ingram’s advice along the way. Well worth a read:


The article can be read here.



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  1. Thanks for the link, Ron!
    Very interesting reading about it in NYT…
    I guess many can relate to the “being right next to the edge and then losing momentum” he describes.

    • It happens more often than one might think. There are a lot of things that can thwart the practice at the last minute, including escapism like that described in the article. My guess is that he was feeling some existential fear as he approached the precipice and backed away. The good news though is that once you get that close you’ll always want to go back…

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