Kenneth Folk on Buddha at the Gas Pump

“The Buddhist revolution has not arrived yet, because no one realizes how radical the Buddha was talking…”

If you don’t know who Kenneth Folk is, do yourself a favor and watch this. He is my old teacher and I continue to learn from him every time he talks. In this fascinating interview he offers a secular perspective on awakening. The host, Rick Archer, has a background in nonduality and Kenneth’s approach is very different for him. So the questions are right to the point and really great.

Also there is an interesting discussion thread about this interview, with Kenneth answering questions, over at the Dharma Overground.

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  1. Hello, Ive done this self inquiry(Ramana Maharshi) for quite some time. I became some kind of passive- the whitness of my thoughts and everything objevtive- then i met zen—and the idea came up…that it can be spontaniuos in doing something —i even don´t know—difficult to explain….why are the approaches so different? Is there one right and the other wrong? Ramanah said meditation is not the way- because there is an object… I´m kind of confused about that…nothing of that did bring the kind of non experience i once accidentally was….and always are….

    • I like Kenneth’s way of explaining why there are different approaches to meditation. He says that meditation is similar to training to be physically fit, and there isn’t one right way to do that or only one right outcome. We wouldn’t say that a rock climber isn’t a skilled athlete just because she can’t lift 300 pounds. And we shouldn’t say that a person who experienced awakening through vipassana is more or less awakened than someone who experienced an awakening through zen or a nondual approach.

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