Concentration Meditation (Audio)

Thanks again to Andre for his wonderful talent as a sound technician…

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  1. Excellent! Thanks Ron!

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    New to meditation? Or you’d like a good reminder? I recommend this recording by Ron from Aloha Dharma.

  3. I have been a long time reader, Ron. I really liked this video, and would really like it if you would post a similar video using vipassana as the subject.

  4. Hi Ron – great video. I found this account of Leigh Brasington’s retreat very interesting:

  5. Dear Ron,

    This is the most precise, direct and simplest instruction-set I have found.

    Cannot thank you enough – the exhilarating feeling of getting the handle on basic first step itself is truly addictive – I had to struggle to leave the 30 minute session I just finished !!

    For me , for now, you are the One!

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