I’m Back… and changes are coming.

If you subscribe to this site chances are you’ve been wondering where I went and why I stopped writing.

It turns out that I didn’t stop writing, I just channeled my time and energy into a book. Now that book is finished and I’m ready to revamp Aloha Dharma.

The book project started off as a book about meditation. But like so many other things, I had more ideas than time, and ended up writing a completely different book. That book is a manual for parents on how to teach critical thinking skills to children. Given the current state of things, with a wacky president, misinformation campaigns, and conspiracy theories running rampant, I became passionate about the need to teach critical thinking to children. Now it is complete and I’m shopping it around (if you know any good agents contact me). The meditation book is still in the pipeline, but before it can be written I’ll need to make some changes to this site.

Here are some of the changes coming:

A Secular Focus: over the years I’ve drifted away from a traditional view of meditation rooted in Buddhism to a more scientific and evidence-based view. It is a secular view. The site will reflect this.

The name: “Aloha Dharma” is going to change to “Getting Real” to better reflect my current approach.

Research!: There is now a body of research on meditation that is decades deep, and some of the newer studies are very well done. I’ll spend more time covering these.

Look for these changes in the coming months.

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  1. Sounds great Ron. I’m a very traditional Buddhist myself and will argue vehemently against anyone I think is misrepresenting the Dharma, however the scientific inquiry into meditation is well founded and necessary in this day and age. I applaud your interest in promoting this area.

  2. Great to hear Ron. Although I am a very traditional Buddhist myself I do believe in following and promoting the scientific inquiry into meditation. Keep it up!!

  3. Benoit Santerre

    Looking forward to read your book on meditation! I remember you had a project on writing a book on Buddhism including some revision of the history. Is this the same book?

  4. Ron: That is so great to hear that you’ve finished the book! I look forward to reading it. Where and when is it available?

  5. johnnywalkerdesign

    What a great idea! I think this is a much needed concept now, and something that’s driving me crazy about our current culture. I hope today’s parents agree!

  6. ok, so in my excitement I neglected too read the rest of your post where you said that. Anyway congratulations for finishing up. I’m betting the book will be useful in my work with kids in public schools.

  7. Awesome stuff. You’re website has been quite helpful. I’m wondering, do you still work with students in regards to the noting technique?

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