Though Ron lives in Europe, he teaches meditators around the world via skype and relies on donations to keep teaching.

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  1. Hey, you may already know about it, but check out if you are interested in people who do hardcore meditation and experience the wide range of what is possible both good and bad. There are long discussions about the Dark Night there from people going through it. Also, I am thinking about starting a project to try to figure out greco-latin-medical-sounding names for the things we discuss there, stages of insight, concentration, powers-like phenomena, raptures, etc so that they don’t sound so New Age fru-fru to the medical ear.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I’m glad you dropped by and got to see the site – I have heard of dharma overground and love the discussions there. I realize now that I forgot to add a link to it!

      I’d be really interested in hearing some of the names you are coming up with – I can think of a few that would fit with psychological diagnostic language and might be useful to you.

      BTW – thanks so much for posting the Hurricane Ranch discussions – the first ones and these latest ones – fascinating stuff!

  2. Where can I find the hurricane ranch discussions?

  3. Hi Ron,

    I have been thinking about you lately, it would be nice to chat over Skype sometime and catch up!

    I have moved my old Kfd practice journal here: and I just added some links to your accurate descriptions on The Path. It is by far the best have come across!


  4. hey Ron, in your text I found that you were talking about no self, do you mean the Winnicott theory?

    • I think you are referring to my article on psychological self vs. no-self. I wasn’t necessarily referring to Winnicott’s theory, but rather to how the various theories in psychology (including Winnicott’s) view the self. In most of the theories they describe the self as a faculty of mind that develops over time, as is essentially impermanent, but never address how this impermanence is ignored and felt to not be the case. Existential psychology comes the closest to addressing this. In my view.

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