Truly one of the best out there


John F. Says: When I came to Ron I found out I had been stuck in Dissolution. After having attended several Vipassana retreats taught by Goenka and tons of hours on the cushion, I was stumped. Meanwhile I had watched a very close friend take leaps and bounds in the Theravada tradition, which Ron is steeped in.

With a smile, and deep understanding of what I was going through, Ron cheered me through some of my darkest moments on the path. He guided me out of the Dark Night, through Stream Entry, and past 2nd Path in about 2.5 years time.

It’s completely refreshing to have a teacher that makes meditation so practical, normal, down to earth, and inherently human. I can’t imagine doing this work any other way. If you are looking for a teacher to help you through all the necessary stages, and to realize what Awakening is, then you can’t go wrong. Ron is truly one of the best out there.

Down to earth, light and loving guidance in one


Caroline D. says: Talking to Ron felt like coming home. I felt understood and guided in a very easy going and loving way. Simple words and language were used to speak about a process that is for me very hard to put into words. I felt more relaxed and secure than I had felt in ages after talking to Ron. His own experience and understanding were very comforting and very helpful. I can really recommend Ron to many people who are in the process of awakening.

Ron is an Amazing Teacher!


Josh K. says: Ron is wise and compassionate. He has helped me frame meditation practice in a way that’s really skillful for me. He’s very upfront with everything he teaches which is refreshing in the meditation world. Thanks!

Very large bag of tricks


Alex T. says: I learned as a graduate student that one measure of an expert is how quickly they exhaust their bag of tricks when they run into a tough problem. Ron has a very large bag of tricks. Every time I think “oh well, I’m stuck”, Ron has another approach to try, or an adjustment, or an insight into my practice. Highly recommend.

Mike says: Ron is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who is a great listener. He has a deep understanding of contemplative practice. His knowledge of Buddhist practice in particular is broad and well balanced, staying focused on what actually works. He provides expert and accurate guidance suited for the student’s level of development and particular needs. I worked with him for the better part of a year, and after reaching my goal and ending our formal relationship, he has continued to check in with me occasionally to see how things are going. He has also encouraged me to get in touch with him at any time should any further questions or issues arise. I greatly appreciate his professionalism and concern, and I feel very lucky to have been his student.
Great teacher


Tim W. says: From the outset it was clear that Ron knows his stuff, and I felt very comfortable talking with him. His explanations are easy to understand, and after each session I leave feeling confident that I know what I need to do. I’ve found his advice invaluable and am very grateful that he is available to teach.
Knows his stuff! Great guy to talk to and learn from


Bill H. says: Productive session, even with a stubborn yogi like myself! I look forward to using him for guidance in the future.
Concise guidance from an experienced guide!


Tina A. says: Ron was able to guide me through the technique he teaches very clearly, in a way that did not confuse me. He knows what he teaches quite well, because it worked for him, so I felt confident about our session. Ron is also a great listener, and he’s very patient with beginners like me!
Provided great supervision for this beginning meditation teacher. Obviously competent


Villum L. says: Having recently started doing some meditation teaching, i went to Ron for some supervision of the way i teach and manage the teaching relationship. He was brilliant and knowledgeable, and left me much more confident in what i’m doing. I would so far unhesitatingly recommend him, both as a guide in the process of awakening and as someone to help beginning meditation teachers develop.


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